Upper Back Stretches

In this quick video, Dr. Rowe (St. Joseph, MI chiropractor) goes over upper back stretches that will help relieve stiff, achy muscle and joints in the thoracic spine. Great for desk workers!


After sitting for too long (which we're all guilty of), the back can get pretty stiff and achy. 🔃 So let's focus on knocking out that tightness and putting some mobility back in our backs.⠀
What we're going to do is a variation of the 'figure 8' stretch. 🎱 This stretch is going to target the natural movements of the thoracic spine. It's really easy to do and can be done literally anywhere.⠀
Why you should give it a try:⠀
➡ increases range of motion in the thoracic spine⠀
➡ a useful warm up before exercising or playing sports⠀
➡ improves flexibility in the back⠀
If the back is stiff and achy after a long day at the computer or work, this will probably end up being a daily back-saver. ⠀
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Chiropractor in St. Joseph MI — Dr. Michael Rowe

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