The Best FULL BACK Stretching Exercises


In this video, Dr. Rowe (St. Joseph, Michigan chiropractor) shows the best full back stretching exercises that can be done daily, AT HOME , and don't require any special equipment.

These back stretches and exercises will focus on DYNAMIC movements to help loosen up muscle tightness, spinal joint stiffness, and fix achy pain throughout the whole back.

They're safe, EFFECTIVE, and are going to target the main muscle group of the upper, middle, and lower back. That way you can get a full back stretch in the least amount of time possible!

What we're going to target: upper back, rhomboid muscles (middle back between the shoulder blades), quadratus lumborum (QL) muscle, lower back, glute (buttock), piriformis, hips and hip flexors.

Watch now and get the best, daily set of back stretches you can do at home! 

Chiropractor near me in St. Joseph, Michigan— Dr. Michael Rowe

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