Sore Neck Relief

In this quick video, Dr. Rowe (St. Joseph, MI chiropractor) shows a helpful stretch to help give relief for a sore neck. Give it a try today!


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I'm sure at one point a stiff or sore neck has crept up and shown it's ugly face. 😈 From everyday life and stress, it can put a lot of tension on the neck and cause some issues. β €
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Luckily, these issues are usually minor and are caused by tight muscles and/or restricted joint motion. πŸ˜Œβ €
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One of the main motions of the neck that is affected is rotation πŸ”„ (think trying to look over the shoulder). So here's a quick stretch that can be done with a everyday towel that will really help put some movement back into a stiff neck.β €
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Let's start by feeling for sore spots on or around the bony peaks on the back of the neck. Once there's a tender spot found, place the towel at this level. β €
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1️⃣ If there's trouble turning to the RIGHT, hold that side of the towel steady.β €
2️⃣ Slowly, pull forward with more force on the LEFT side. β €
3️⃣ There should be gentle rotation that will start to put more movement into the neck.β €
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THE FIX PT. 2:β €
Traction can also be added to this to help relieve more tension into the neck. It's done by pulling the towel up and across by crossing the hands.β €
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1️⃣ Cross the arms and hold the towel ends steady.β €
2️⃣ The top arm pulls up, diagonally towards the eyesβ €
3️⃣ Make sure to gently pull the towel, and get a bit of traction/rotational combo.β €
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Keep going until the stiffness and soreness starts to lessen. And if it hurts... stop, slow down, and build into more slowly!β €
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So give it a try and tag someone that could use a little less stiffness in the neck. πŸ“£ Don't forget to spread the good word! Questions or comments? Hit me up!β €β €
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