Improve Low Back Flexibility 

In this quick video, Dr. Rowe (St. Joseph, MI chiropractor) shows how to help improve low back flexibility with a quick, easy stretch. Give it a try!



In this video, let's focus on a lumbar rotation exercise 🔄 that will help stretch tight low back muscles, while also helping to improve control over those muscles.⠀

With lower trunk rotation, muscle tension and stiffness is released through stretching, diminishing strain on the back. This may help relieve lower back pain. 😌

Also, this is a good way of future-proofing the lower back from injury. By controlling the rotational movement while performing the exercise, it will help strengthen the back, hips, and core/ab muscles. This allows for better control over movement of the lower back, especially during more strenuous activity. ⠀

In a nutshell 🥜, lumbar rotation exercise helps stretch things out (releasing tension and pain), and also builds it back up to protect the spine down the road.⠀

Give it a try and improve control and flexibility of the lower back. Spread the good word too!
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