How to Relieve Iliotibial Band Pain FOR GOOD


In this video, Dr. Rowe (Saint Joseph, Michigan chiropractor) shows how to quickly relieve iliotibial band syndrome pain.

The iliotibial band, also known as the IT band, is a hot spot for outer knee, leg, and hip pain.

It tends to get irritated through repetitive movements that cause irritation and inflammation, and ultimately pain. Recurring and chronic pain is commonly referred to as iliotibial band syndrome.

The main cause of this actually comes from above, where he Iliotibial band originates on two muscles: the tensor fasciae latae (TFL) and the gluteus maximus. Tightness, weakness, and imbalances in these two muscles leads to tension and stress on IT band, causing pain.

So to get rid of IT band for good, we need to focus on fixing tightness and weakness in the glutes and TFL.

To keep it easy, this video will be broken up into two separate parts. The first part will focus on breaking up adhesions and tightness, and the second part will focus on strengthening. To get the best results, go through all of the exercises and use what gives you the best results.

As a bonus, all of the exercises can be done at home, require no equipment, and may give quick iliotibial band syndrome pain relief... even within 30 SECONDS!

Watch now and relieve IT band pain for good!

Chiropractor near me in St. Joseph, Michigan— Dr. Michael Rowe

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