How to Relieve a Headache in 30 SECONDS


In this video, Dr. Rowe (St. Joseph, Michigan chiropractor) shows how to relieve a headache in 30 SECONDS. All of these easy, effective stretches and exercises can be done AT HOME using no special equipment!  

This video is going to be broken down into three parts that will focus on getting QUICK headache relief.

FIRST, we are going to stretch the muscles most commonly associated with building tension headaches (including the suboccipitals). This may help knock out tension, offering fast headache relief.

SECOND, we're going to target muscle knots, spasms, and trigger points that may be causing headaches with additional build-up of tension. We'll go over neck self massage exercises that are great towards pinpointing areas of tightness so we can get instant relief.

THIRD, neck traction exercises are shown that will not only help stretch the muscles and soft tissues in the neck, but help take pressure out of the spinal joints. This will hopefully lessen more tension and give headache pain relief.

WATCH NOW and get rid of a tension headache in as little as 30 seconds!

Chiropractor near me in St. Joseph, Michigan— Dr. Michael Rowe

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