How to Get Rid of Neck Spasms in 1 MINUTE


So is your neck feeling tight, achy, and locked up? Does it feel like the muscles need to be relaxed so you can finally get some relief?

In this video, Dr. Rowe (St. Joseph, MI chiropractor) shows you how to treat and fix muscle spasms and knots in the neck in ONE MINUTE OR LESS.

Neck muscle spasms, cramps, and muscle knots are common issues. They’re usually caused by built up tension in the upper back and neck, from everyday stress (which we all have) and from bad, forward leaning posture (which we’re all guilty of).

This is a classic recipe for the creation of muscle spasms and knots, and restricted range of motion in the neck.

The exercises in this video may help get more flexibility back in the neck, and help eliminate muscle spasms, cramps, and overall tightness.

It's broken down into 3 parts, which will include stretches and exercises targeting the upper, middle, and lower parts of the neck. So it should help you be able to get rid of those muscle spasms no matter where they are.

They don’t require any special equipment, can be done at home, and are really simple to do.


STEP 1: upper cervical (neck) muscle spasm release (suboccipital muscles and headaches)

STEP 2: mid cervical muscle spasm release (SCM / sternocleidomastoid muscle and trouble turning the head)

STEP 3: lower cervical muscle spasm release (trapezius muscles and upper shoulder pain)

Watch now and take one step towards better health!

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