How to Fix Shin Splints in 30 SECONDS


In this video, Dr. Rowe (Saint Joseph, Michigan chiropractor) shows easy exercises that may offer shin splints pain relief within seconds.

Medial tibial stress syndrome, known as shin splints, is a condition where pain forms around the tibia (shin bone). 

It tends to come about from weakness and tightness in the muscles that support the lower leg, and is a common overuse injury with runners and athletes. These muscles include the calves, tibialis anterior, and tibialis posterior. 

To make getting shin splints pain relief easy, this video will be broken up in to three separate parts. Each part will focus on a different way to treat shin splints. To get the best results, go through all parts (and exercises) and use what gives you the most relief.

As a bonus, all of the exercises can be done at home, require no special equipment, and can give quick pain relief... even within 30 SECONDS!

Chiropractor near me in St. Joseph, Michigan— Dr. Michael Rowe

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