How to Fix Bad Lower Back Posture for Good


In this video, Dr. Rowe (St. Joseph, Michigan chiropractor) shows how to fix bad lower back posture for good. All of these lower back posture correction stretches and exercises can be done AT HOME and require no special equipment!

If you've noticed that your lower back posture has changed for the worse, such as an anterior pelvic tilt or an increase in the curve (lordosis) of the lower back, you may be experiencing what is known as LOWER CROSS SYNDROME.

Lower cross syndrome is a combination of tight and weak muscles around the lower back that can lead to imbalances, such as hyperlordosis (an increased low back curvature), that result in unsightly, bad posture and even LOW BACK PAIN.

We're going to correct bad lower back posture by tackling the main issues and causes, and focus on SAFE, effective stretches that will help loosen tight muscles and strengthen the lower back and bring it into better alignment.

Watch now and get rid of bad lower back posture for good!

Chiropractor near me in St. Joseph, Michigan— Dr. Michael Rowe

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