Fix Uneven Shoulders

In this quick video, Dr. Rowe (St. Joseph, MI chiropractor) shows a helpful exercise to help fix uneven shoulders. Give it a try today!


If there's noticeable hiking of a shoulder, the odds are it could be due to weakness of the mid or lower trapezius muscle. ⠀
The trapezius is a major muscle of the back and is responsible for moving, rotating, and stabilizing the scapula (shoulder blade) and extending (bringing back) the head at the neck. It's a wide, flat, superficial muscle that covers most of the upper back and the back of the neck.⠀
If the trap is weak, it can allow for faulty scapula mechanics, which could allow a shoulder to hike and become uneven. ⠀
In this video, a seated 'Y' raise is shown to help stretch, strengthen, and get those shoulders back in form.⠀
1️⃣ cross a therapy band to make an X⠀
2️⃣ raise arms up into high Y position⠀
3️⃣ pull from the mid/lower shoulder blades to start the movement⠀
4️⃣ keep arms close to ears when overhead⠀
(don’t shrug the shoulders)⠀
📣Don't forget to spread the good word with someone that needs some help with the lower back and hips. Questions or comments? Hit me up!
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