How to Fix Shoulder Pain

In this quick video, Dr. Rowe (St. Joseph, MI chiropractor) goes over how to fix shoulder pain in three easy steps. We focus on the rotator cuff, rounded shoulders, and tight upper back muscles. Get some relief today!


Here’s three easy stretches to help improve shoulder mobility. ðŸ™Œ 
There’s a lot of different ways to stretch out the shoulders, and I wanted to share some options that might give better results.
Here’s the main focus:
➡ Stretching the rotator cuff to eliminate strain
➡ Loosening the chest to help fix forward, rounded shoulders
➡ Shrugs with an added shoulder blade squeeze to help with trapezius and upper back muscle tightness.
All that's needed is a towel or therapy band to get started. âœ…
Get the shoulders feeling better and tag someone with stiff shoulders!

Chiropractor in St. Joseph MI â€” Dr. Michael Rowe

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