Best Ways to Get Neck Bulging Disc Pain Relief AT HOME


In this video, Dr. Rowe (St. Joseph, Michigan chiropractor) goes over the best ways to get neck bulging disc pain relief AT HOME!

A cervical or neck bulging disc (also known as a slipped disc or herniated disc) is one of the main causes of a PINCHED nerve that may result sharp, shooting pains into the shoulders, arms, and hands.

One of the easiest ways to help relieve pain from a bulging disc is to TRACTION the spinal discs, that is to pull on them to reduce pressure.

That way bulging material is brought back into the spinal disc, and off the pinched nerve, allowing you to heal and have less pain.

These spinal DECOMPRESSION neck traction stretches and exercises are safe, natural movements and can be done at home. The great part is, they may help relieve pain from a neck bulging disc in as little as 30 SECONDS!

WATCH now and get rid of neck bulging disc pain quickly!

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