Back Tightness Relief

In this quick video, Dr. Rowe (St. Joseph, MI chiropractor) shows how to get quick back tightness relief. Watch now and get feeling better!



In this video, let's focus on a big cause of lower back issues, the quadratus lumborum or QL muscle.⠀

The QL is a deep muscle that runs on both sides of the low back. It's responsible for stabilizing the lower back while upright, and also has a role in side bending.

A main cause of QL pain is sitting for too long. In today's world, that's usually pretty easy to do. 🙃 It also tends to refer pain into the hip and glutes (buttocks).⠀

1️⃣ Find a wall, door, or anywhere the legs can be propped on.⠀
2️⃣ Grab a tennis or racquetball. Lay flat on the back, bend the knees (to about 90°), and place the legs against the wall.⠀
3️⃣ Place the ball on side of the lower back. ⠀
4️⃣ Gently, roll towards that side a little bit. ⠀
5️⃣ Grab a mobile device or book, and hang out until a solid release is felt. ⠀

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