Spinal Decompression Therapy in St. Joseph, MI

Spinal Decompression at SpineCare in St. Joseph, MI

Discover how Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Therapy has achieved a 91% Success Rate.

  • How Does it work?

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is a revolutionary new technology used primarily to treat disc injuries in the neck and back.

This safe, drug-free treatment works by gently lengthening and releasing the spine, creating negative pressures within the spinal discs.

This reversal of pressure creates a “vacuum effect” within the disc space, and helps to pull the bulging disc material back into place, taking pressure off pinched nerves and surrounding soft tissue. 

Life Changing Results

Measured Success

Burkhart, T. 2015. Evaluating the effectiveness of spinal decompression therapy.

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"'Good to excellent' relief in 86% of patients with herniated discs." - The American Journal of Pain Management

"Patients reported a mean 88.9% improvement in back pain and better function... No patient required any invasive therapies (e.g. epidural injections, surgery) - American Academy of Pain Management

Improved disc spacing, resulted in eliminating all leg pain without any need for surgery.

After completing a lumbar decompression treatment plan, there was a noticeable change in the lumbar disc height at L4/L5 vertebrae for this patient. The improvement is clearly notated by the vertical line demonstrating the increased space at the posterior margin of the disc. The patient fully recovered from all subjective complaints of lower back pain and right sciatica. 

Before Lumbar Treatment

After Lumbar Treatment

After completing a cervical (neck) decompression treatment plan, the cervical curve was restored to the normal lordosis (curve) correcting the patient’s forward head posture. An increase in the disc height can be seen from the 'pre' to 'post' film at the C5-C6 disc space. A significant increase in the size of the intervertebral foramen (IVF) of C7-T1 is noted in the post film. Decreasing the IVF encroachment, or narrowing, at C7-T1 reduced the numbness and pain in the patient’s neck and left arm. The patient reported a complete recovery of all symptoms after 12 weeks of care.

Before Cervical Treatment

After Cervical Treatment

Before considering risky surgery, shots, or pills...

Explore this innovative, new technology that has been helping people alleviate their back, neck, and sciatica pain.


This safe, drug-free treatment works by restoring proper function to an injured spinal disc.


It is not uncommon for patients who have arrived in severe pain to fall asleep during their treatment session!


Many patients see improvement after their first treatment. Long-lasting results can be achieved in as little as 4 to 6 visits. 

Take the first step towards better health.

See if Spinal Decompression Therapy is the answer to your neck, low back, or sciatica pain.