Herniated Disc Stretches

In this quick video, Dr. Rowe (St. Joseph, MI chiropractor) goes over herniated disc stretches that will help relieve lower back pain, sciatica, and pinched nerve pain.



Lower back and sciatica pain (including numbness, tingling, and weakness into the legs) are a common sign of a lumbar herniated disc.⠀

It can take the joy out of the things you enjoy the most, like playing with the kids or being able to play a round of golf. 🏌

So let's get back on track by doing some easy stretches that should help relieve pressure off the spinal disc. 😌

The goal of these stretches is to move the bulging, herniated disc forward off a pinched nerve. We will be doing this through extension, or backward movements, in the low back.⠀

⚠While doing these, go to a point of a good stretch... NOT to the point where it's causing any increase of pain. ⠀

Give them a try and get back to living life with less pain! Spread the good word, and pass this on to anyone that might be suffering from a herniated disc.⠀

Tried stretches, exercises, etc. and nothing seems to be helping?? In that case, I might be able to help. I've done thousands of successful treatments (at SpineCare) for lumbar herniated discs, without the need for risky drugs or surgery. If you need help, contact me anytime ☎ and set up a consultation. ⠀

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Chiropractor in St. Joseph MI — Dr. Michael Rowe

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